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Online Event
14 - 16 Oct

Transmissions with Ignota Books

Season 2, Episode 6

Wed 14 Oct from 21.00
Fri 16 Oct from 09.00
Streamed Live via
Transmissions TV

Episode 6 of Transmissions entitled Deep Deep Dream comes in the form of a broadcast from Ignota Books, publishing at the intersection of technology, myth-making and magic.

Deep Deep Dream is a journey through the techniques of awakening taking the hallucinogenic form of a palindrome. Unfolding through a series of experimental rituals, this encounter is an invitation to touch the dreamworld — a place where no matter how far you walk, you arrive back at your point of departure — and a meditation on these questions: What kind of world do you want to live in? What is a world? 

Ignota Books is an invitation to awaken, and at the same time, dream. Founded in the last days of 2017 in the Peruvian mountains by Sarah Shin and Ben Vickers, Ignota publishes at the intersection of technology, myth-making and magic. Deriving their name from Hildegard of Bingen’s mystical Lingua Ignota, they seek to develop a language that makes possible the reimagining and reenchantment of the world around us.

Image: Ignota Books, Deep Deep Dream, 2020, Image Courtesy Ignota Books.