A black and white photo of a man in a doorway. Text at bottom reads: He's dead! Get up!
Online Event
09 - 11 Sep 2020

Transmissions with Kat Anderson

Season 2, Episode 1

Wed 09 Sep from 21.00
Fri 11 Sep from 10.00
Streamed Live via
Transmissions TV

Kat Anderson opens Transmissions Season 2 with a broadcast on Black liberation, entitled Bad Man Nuh Flee.

Kat Anderson will show a collection of audio/visual notes on oppression, Black liberation and the white imagination. Kat Anderson is a visual artist and filmmaker, working under an artistic and research framework called ‘Episodes of Horror’, which uses the genre of horror to discuss representations of mental illness and trauma as experienced by or projected upon Black bodies in media.

Image Courtesy Kat Anderson.