A digital collage by Plastique Fantastique. A human with four arms and wings stands in the middle.There is text that reads: Well Cum T00 Mars in Earth
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16 - 18 Sep

Transmissions with Plastique Fantastique

Season 2, Episode 2

Wed 16 Sep from 21.00
Fri 18 Sep from 10.00
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Transmissions TV

Plastique Fantastique Communiqué offers moving images, stories and songs about planetary problems, below and above in Episode 2, entitled Beware Mars with Earth in Ascendance.

On 30 May 2020, at 15:52 EDT, Plastique Fantastique watched the Spacex Falcon 9 rocket carry NASA personal (for a fee) to the International Space Station and thought, as below, so above (next stop the moon, then Mars). There is much today, down here, that needs our urgent attention… and there is much in the future, up there, to worry about too, including one million people living on Mars by 2050 as the first stage of planetary colonisation.

Earth views Mars as a planetary symbol for the cocksure warrior, and for violence, passion, assertion, and the weaponization of skill and sex… above all, Mars is the sign of competition (and Mars is a goal for commerce). Mars is not this Mars though. That land is not that land… Plastique Fantastique knows a different Mars (they have been there)… It is the hominids of Earth that have projected this image (of themselves) onto Mars… all other animals know this… Mars as ruling planet is not to be feared… it is Earth as ruling planet (Earth in Mars and the Mars in Earth) that we need to worry about… 

Featuring contributions from Plastique Fantastique's friends Gentle Stranger, Christopher Kirubi and the collaboration of Arianne Churchman & Benedict Drew. The broadcast will feature clips from a film by Plastique Fantastique commissioned by Southwark Park Galleries.

About the artist

Plastique Fantastique is a collaboration between David Burrows, Simon O’Sullivan, Alex Marzeta and Vanessa Page and others, including Mark Jackson, Motsonian, Benedict Drew, Frankie Roberts, Harriet Skully, Ana Benlloch, Stuart Tait, Tom Clark, Simon Davenport, Joe Murray, Lawrence Leaman, Samudradaka and Aryapala. The collaboration is a performance fiction produced through comics, performances, text, music, film and assemblages, and investigates the relation of aesthetics and politics and sacred, popular and mass cultures. Recent exhibitions include Shonky: Aesthetics of Awkwardness, Hayward Touring Show 2017-18, and Mars Year Zero at Southwark Park Galleries 2019.

Image: Plastique Fantastique Communiqué, Beware Mars with Earth in Ascendance, 2020, Image Courtesy Plastique Fantastique.