Film still featuring trees and some text
Somerset House Studios resident

Chris Zhongtian Yuan

Chris Zhongtian Yuan works with video, sound, poetry and performance to re-imagine our relationships to land, body and language across time and space.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Chris Zhongtian Yuan engages with the medium of film through a musical and architectural language. Working across both digital and analogue mediums, Yuan draws from a wide range of music genres in order to re-imagine and improvise memory and resistance. Their work aims to form a new “Punk” moving image practice which draws from DIY music, vernacular architecture and personal encounters. Yuan is a graduate of the Architectural Association. 

Wuhan Punk (2020) film still.jpg

Wuhan Punk (2020) film still showing upside down skyscrapers
Wuhan Punk (2020) film still

Close, Closer (2020-21) installation shot.jpg

Close, Closer (2020-21) installation shot, showing an image of horses being projected on a screen and some black cushions in the corner
Close, Closer (2020-21) installation shot