The New Londoners © Chris Steele Perkins

Backgrounds: A Portrait of Britain in the 21st Century

Part of Kaleidoscope: Immigration and Modern Britain

Sat 22 & Sun 23 Jun 2019
12.00 - 16.00
Courtyard Meeting Room
South Wing

Take part in a new photographic artwork celebrating multicultural British identity

Have your portrait taken in our pop-up photography studio as we launch a new photographic project documenting the diverse range of cultural backgrounds in Britian today.

Backgrounds is inspired by Indian photographer Masterji's portraits of newly arrived South Asian immigrants and their families in Coventry. By having your picture taken you'll be helping us to create a portrait of 21st century Britain today. We're working with five young Magunum-trained photographers who will be taking pictures over the course of the weekend and uploading the portraits live to a dedicated Instagram account.

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The project launches at Generation Get Up! Weekend, a two-day programme of talks, workshops, screenings and food marking the first national Windrush Day.

Backgrounds is a collaboration with Create Jobs, conceived by creative director Darrell Vydelingum as part of Kaleidoscope: Immigration and Modern Britain, a free photography exhibition exploring what it feels to live as an immigrant, or descendent of immigrants, today.

Header image: Chris Steele-Perkins, The New Londoners

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